The project - The idea

Everything starts from a need of our client based on our ideas. From requests for a product that the market is unable to satisfy or does not offer. Through our site we receive and develop new ideas every day; new exhibitors tailored to your product and your company. We set no limits, always trying to achieve the goal, offering unique solutions or alternatives.

The graphics - The render

After the comparison of ideas, we move on to the graphic design, the realization and staging of the exhibitor.

Eurosud Cataldi srl, through its internal graphic studio, ensures privacy and a faster delivery of the preview of your customized display.

Through the realization of agreed graphics and virtual application on 3D model, you will know immediately how your exhibitor will be, even before the material realization. This entails speed of production, accuracy and precision of the work done, avoiding any hitch.


Quality control - Design

After approval by the customer, the project (prints and renders) passes to quality control. Quality control (a fundamental role for the company) is a sector of our company that inspects every single piece of the exhibitor and checks its feasibility. He works in conjunction with the graphics department in order to be always updated on the feasibility of the project.

Any project passes through here before cutting and this ensures that nothing is left to chance, with constant revision even after construction.

Production - Cutting and finishing

You get to the cut! The heart of production, where the exhibitor is actually produced.

Eurosud Cataldi srl offers two cutting pantographs, guaranteeing a very high production and rapid realization.

Each piece is then passed under a high precision grader and finished by hand by our expert operators. Everything is always checked by sample, fully assembled and viewed by quality control to approve its feasibility.


Coloring and printing

Once all has been ascertained, the coloring of the interlocking display is carried out, with completely non-toxic water-based impregnating colors. We carefully choose our suppliers in order to offer a color as close as possible to your requests.

Eurosud Cataldi srl also offers direct prints on any material, without adhesives and glues. Our two high quality printers with large worktops offer full color UV printing and unmatched efficiency.

Your logo or photo will remain etched forever in your display, you will no longer have to worry about anything.

The packaging - Shipment

The final stage of each project. The packaging. Everything is packed with certified and controlled method. To ensure proper protection for our products, all exhibitors are packed individually, one by one, including any accessories (such as wheels, price holders, hooks etc ...) and the relative one-page assembly sheet (with numbers sequential for assembly). Each package includes airballs on the entire display and a cardboard covering to guarantee safety.

They are then packed together on standard or customized pallets and shipped to you as quickly as possible.

single exhibitor packaging

Logo and concept art creation

For all those small emerging businesses or even local businesses who aim high and to a wider audience, we also offer a service with consulting for the creation of online targeted logo and concept with the product and in step with modern styles.

Espositori logo display stand
Espositori logo display stand
Espositori logo display stand

The realization of corporate logos and other can be different in style and the waiting times for the production will be prolonged.