Interlocking floor displays wooden and wood

Stand Displays

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Ecounter intelocking wooden displays

Counter Displays

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wine display racks in birch wood

Wine Racks

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wine cases in wood at interlocking system

Wine Cases

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laser cutting object gift and other

Laser Cutting

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Home and forniture internal design

Home and Forniture

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Ralistic Renders

With us you will have a rendering based on your requests and customizations. No surprise, you will have exactly what you will see in preview; you can customize it, modify it and finally confirm it according to your needs.

Why choose us

Don't waste your time

in useless tools or looking for the perfect exhibitor. Create it from scratch with us and make it for you. The interlocking system next to the assembly board ensures an easy assembly in minutes. Without tools!

more visibility

With our wooden exhibitors, you will immediately be able to have a strong impact on your customers thanks to unlimited personalization. Get noticed!

increase sales

Our wooden shelves ensure superior sales thanks to their presence in any store. You will not have to worry about anything. They are already individually packed including instructions.

Why choose us


We color all our exhibitors only with water-based coloring. So non-toxic and in full respect of the environment.

Made to measure

We make your ideas come true. Whatever they are, if they have geometric shapes, classic or that have giraffe silhouette. You will have a product tailored to what you sell and always original!

The print

Tired of adhesives that detach with time, that do not adhere well or that create bubbles. We print your logo and advertising directly on the exhibitor. It will remain forever.


Do not leave your shelf empty. Customize it with plastic or iron wheels, adhesive price holders, poster holders, wooden brochure holders, hangers and much more.


Wood is excellent, durable and economical. The birch plywood is resistant and is very clear. But we did not limit ourselves to that. Increase the beauty of your display with the plexiglass. Transparent or colored, smooth and refined. Make yourself original and unique. It stands out among all!

Cards and More ...

Personalization is not limited to the stand displays, but also to the assembly sheets provided individually for each exhibitor. As well as shipping, we can ship the displays individually packed anywhere. Mounted or disassembled.

call us for free!

You have a doubt, a particular idea. Do you want to tell us a problem or do you want to have just a telephone comparison?
Call us for free. Our toll-free number is always available.

  • Any colors you you want

    Exhibitors impregnated with atoxic water-based paint and respectful to the environment

  • All shapes you need

    Our wooden display can be customized in its forms so as to reflect each product.

  • With your own logo

    Print your own logo directly on the wood, wherever you want! We help you to find the right display and we create the graphics tailored for you.

  • Colored wooden exhibitor
  • Wooden blu sky dispay
Wooden interlocking stand displays

Floor Displays

The floor display stands are the flagship product of our company because they offer customers greater visibility of their product and their logo, as well as an increase in sales. The floor displays are great because they offer several points in their favor; they are:
1. High (therefore easily identifiable);
2. Customizable (in colors and shapes in order to bring out the product or can also identify themselves with the environment, without changing the store design);
3. Ecological (respecting the environment, treated with toxic free materials and therefore useful for commercial purposes of food order);
4. Resistant (stable and durable over time);
5. Interlocking (as the totality of our products and offer a unique simplicity in the assembly without the aid of tools);
6. Large Spaces (to also place the bulkier product with no problems)

… and even more!!!

Our displays are

Counter Displays

The counter displays are very useful to hit even the most distracted customer! In fact, their small size allows it to be even anywhere near the cash so you never go unnoticed and highlight your product, your news, your events or whatever you want to promote! The visibility is guaranteed thanks to its key points such as:
1. Reduced size (and therefore reduced space occupied for your comfort and that of the client);
2. Wide (despite the size, they allow you to highlight your product in egregious and immediate manner);
3. Custom (customization ensures visibility and increased sales);
4. Wood (made of wood for a long-lasting use, environmentally friendly and appealing even to natural).

Wooden interlocking counter display stands


In an industry where the demand for products of contained dimensions and increasingly fine detail is always in continuous growth, Eurosud Cataldi always manages to offer a product at high quality. We produce wooden gadgets and plex of all forms and for all your needs from unique wooden key rings and resistant to folding cover books; providing a laser cutting service among the most accurate and the most rapid. Each product is carefully designed, developed and viewed in every single detail in order to always offer a result that will meet all customer requirements. With a precision of 0.15 mm and a thickness of 1 mm cut, our laser cutting service may find utility in various fields from photography (cover books and invitations) to that of the detail and to enhance the quality of the product finishing and give a touch of personality and originality..